Holiday season is a joyous and festive time of eating delicious foods. As a matter of fact, it is very delightful and satisfying to think of having to share your food as a reward to your beloved dog. However, research has studied that there are actually some foods which your dogs should not eat at all. From familiar foods such as chocolate to a less popular ones such as grapes, the following are some of the foods that your dog cannot eat:

1. Avocado

Can your dog eat avocados? Are avocados bad for your dogs? These questions are not often asked however, they should be. They do not work well with dogs while avocados work well on toast. We, as humans, have a never-ending love for avocados and as it has gotten even more famous over the years, some owners of dogs might not be aware that it is one of the few foods in which dogs cannot eat. Dogs’ stomachs and avocados are not friends for two primary reasons. Avocados basically contain persin that is outstanding for people however, results in potential severe health problems which are not so great for animals. Another reason is the pit. With that being said, it has this awkward size which makes it even more easy for your pets to choke on and hence, why it is considered as one of the foods which you shouldn’t feed your pet dog.

2. Chocolate

Can dogs eat chocolate? This is the kind of question that is usually asked by a normal pet owner. However, why is it bad for your dog?

Dogs and chocolate do not mix. Having said that, dogs cannot eat foods containing chocolate and chocolate foods in any amount. Even a drop of chocolate can actually make your dog sick. It is because a chocolate contains both caffeine and theobromine, both of which can stimulate their nervous system and significantly increase their heart rates.

3. Chips

We all know that it is close to impossible to stop you from eating just one pack but can a dog eat chips? Chips are not the healthiest for human beings and salt is absolutely the reason why potato chips are believed to be bad for your dogs. If in moderation, sodium or salt can be good for the health of your dog however, too much of that can be harmful, or worse death. In addition to that, too much sodium can also cause your dog to be thirsty, therefore, your dog oftentimes urinate which can lead to kidney problems eventually.

4. Grapes

Grapes are actually full of nutrients for us humans and also, protect against several health conditions. In small amounts, these can prove to be no impact to them however, it is different for every dog and there is no determining factor. Dogs which eat grapes is believed to acquire kidney failure. All in all, it’s very essential to be take certain precautions on what food you feed your dogs. These are friendly tips shared by professional Pet cleanup service providers.