Clogged vents may reduce your dryer’s efficiency and make it a possible fire hazard. Here are tips on how to clean your vents and ensure that it is running smoothly. If you noticed your clothes are taking longer to dry than they used to, then it must be the dryer vent that’s causing the issue.

Vents that are clogged require longer drying time, but it may also cause a more serious problem, such as dryer fire. Clogged vents are among the top reason for fires. There are also far less drastic issues to think about, such as a higher monthly utility bill. Of course, you might want to hire a dryer vent expert to clean your vents, but it may be also be something that you could do yourself if you have the right tools. Here’s how you can possibly clean and maintain those dryer vents.

1. Shut off the unit.

The first and probably the most important step before cleaning dryer vents is to cut off the dryer’s power. You don’t want to touch the vents or ducts if the dryer is working. Unplug the dryer from the power source first. Then you can start working on it.

2. Remove the hose from the wall.

Use the right screwdriver to get the vent hose loose. Remove the clamps holding the hose from your wall. Make sure to remove the tube carefully. Then, disconnect the hose from the dryer. Once you’re done with that, use the right attachment of the vacuum cleaner to suck lint out of the hose. The idea is to suction all lint and debris from the two ends of the hose. Work carefully as you don’t want to cause any damage to the dryer hose. If there’s some buildup in the middle, then it might have to be snaked it out. You may use a wire hanger but be very careful not to damage the sides because it can lead to leaks.

3. Clean the exterior ventilation.

Reinsert the hose, attach the clamps, and reassemble everything. Now put the dryer back in its place. Then go outside to work on the exterior vents. Begin by taking off the cover. Wear work gloves before removing all lint. Once the vent is clear, restore power to the dryer and run it empty for about twenty minutes. Check if there are any lint leftover from cleaning before shutting the dryer off.

How Frequently Should Dryer Vents be Cleaned?

Dryer vents and ducts should be cleaned at least each year. Residues that so large you may mean that you can’t easily break through the lint. If that’s the case, hire an expert in dryer vent cleaning Livonia MI or invest in heavy-duty dryer vent cleaning kits.

However, it isn’t enough for you to do comprehensive annual cleaning. You must also do regular cleaning and maintenance to keep dryer vents clean and clear. Be sure to clean the trap after using the dryer. You can generally remove lint using your hands, but you must also wash the screen and use a vacuum every so often.